When it comes to sleep, and achieving the most high quality sleep possible, people’s attention oftentimes gravitates towards their mattress. While it’s important to give ample consideration to this all-too-important sleep tool, it’s often to the dismay and oversight of an equally, if not more, important sleep aid; your pillow!

Today, we’ll dive into two of the more popular pillow types today, discuss their advantages and disadvantages, and consider how they will aid your sleep health overall. Let’s get into it!

Memory Foam Pillows

Advantage: Support

Your head and neck require special attention, this much is for certain. With your head weighing somewhere between 10 and 12 pounds, serving as the control center for the rest of your body, and needing a sound place to rest night after night for a lifetime, you don’t want to neglect the quality of support for your head. Memory Foam pillows serve this purpose greatly in that they are designed to cradle the head better than most pillow materials.

Advantage: Requires No Adjustment

We’ve all experienced tossing and turning at night. The feeling of not being able to find a comfortable spot to fair through the night plagues us all from time to time, as we adjust our pillow relentlessly to find our sleeping ‘happy place’. With Memory Foam, this is taken out of the equation, as the material itself molds to fit your head and neck profile exactly, no matter your orientation.

Disadvantage: Non-malleable

The previous point that was outlined, while a benefit to many, could also serve as a point of issue for others. To have more control over the exact use of your pillow, folding it, fluffing it to lay thinner or thicker, or other approaches could lend itself to more quality sleep for an individual than a pillow rigidly doing the work for you.

Fiber Fill Pillows

Advantage: Easy to Clean

One thing about sleeping, we all sweat in our sleep whether we like to believe it or not! Now, take one night of sleeping, multiply it by 365 nights per year, and then multiply that by the roughly 2 to 3 years you will be using this pillow, and that amounts to a lot of sweaty nights. To have a pillow that you are able to easily wash will be beneficial in maintaining a clean and comfortable sleep setting over the long haul, and Fiber Fill pillows fit that bill!

Advantage: Soft and Fluffy

As mentioned earlier in this blog, sometimes people prefer to be the one in control as opposed to their pillow being in charge. To have a pillow that is soft, fluffy, malleable, moldable, flexible, and usable in a number of different fashions like a Swiss army knife pillow is a plus to many. In the event that this is a sleeping style of yours, a Fiber Fill pillow may be the best route for your for quality sleep.

Disadvantage: Clumping

Sometimes, good things come at a cost. To have a soft and fluffy pillow like that of a Fiber Fill could ultimately be more prone to clumping over time. Bear this in mind as you’re looking into this type of pillow as a consideration over time.

Health Benefits

When it all boils down, the best health benefits to consider in any sleep aid, whether it be a mattress, or a pillow as we’ve been discussing here, is simple. The goal of doing your research on pillow types and finding the right one for you is ultimately to provide yourself the best sleep possible. If there is any one thing that affects your overall health above anything else, it is your quality of sleep, so to be finding the right tools for a good night’s sleep every night will serve you well!


In conclusion, give your pillow some consideration, and as you’re looking into the right pillow for you, bears these two types in mind as a starting point. To learn more about pillows and bedding for your little ones, look to the pros at Dreamtown Kids!