Your toddler’s sleep is important! They’re in a time of growth unlike any other, and that much needed regenerative rest is going to be their biggest aid in that growth.

By now, you’ve covered the bases in terms of quality bedding and pillows for your youngster, so you’re off to a great start! From here, consider supplementing that with some digital sleep aid apps… but which ones? Let’s talk about a few of the best toddler sleep apps to help your little one get their best night’s sleep EVERY night!

Moshi Twilight

Looking for a great catch-all option? Moshi Twilight is a great app to turn to! Boasting a massive library comprised of sleep stories, music, meditations for mindfulness, and sounds, this app spans the gamut in terms of sensory sleep supplements. All soothing in nature, the contents of this app are scientifically shown to help your toddler achieve the perfect environment for great sleep! Check out Moshi Twilight for yourself on Google Play and the App Store!

Children’s Bedtime Meditations for Sleep & Calm

As aforementioned, sleep is going to contribute in your child’s growth. So why not also incorporate sleep aids that while grow with your little as they go from baby, to toddler, to infant — We’ll stop there, they’re already growing up too fast as it is! To best accommodate the different stages of your child’s growth, an app like Children’s Bedtime Meditations for Sleep & Calm will absolutely do the trick, with calming music and mindfulness meditations to help lull your little one to sleep, even as they become not-so-little. Check out Children’s Bedtime Meditations for Sleep & Calm on Google Play!

Baby Sleep Sounds

Sometimes it’s the simple things that make the biggest impact. Sleep aids for toddlers are anything but one-size-fits-all. While some babies, toddlers, and infants may fall asleep to stories and music, others may just need the right sounds to set the sleep stage. Baby Sleep Sounds achieves exactly this, with a primary focus on white noise, by means of gentle sonic replications of hair dryers, vacuums, and other everyday ‘whirring’ sounds. We know, this mights sound like a weird idea upon first being exposed to the app, but the reviews are raving! Check out Baby Sleep Sounds on Google Play!

Huckleberry: Baby & Child Tracker, Sleep Experts

If you are a parent that wants to get into the nitty gritty of ensuring your child’s best sleep possible, you’ll want something with greater tracking capabilities. This is where something like Huckleberry: Baby & Child Tracker, Sleep Experts will serve as your go-to tool! Offering insights and guidance from pediatric sleep experts, all the way to details analysis of sleep patterns of your child, and more, this app is robust and data-heavy! Check it out on Google Play!


To conclude, you’re your little one’s biggest advocate as they grow, day after day! You’ve made the right moves in ensuring they have the best products for sleep comfort, and now you’re supplementing that with additional sleep aids. There are tons of sleep apps available in the marketplace, but this will serve in providing some great options for getting started! To learn more about helping your little one achieve their best night’s sleep, look no further than Dreamtown Kids!