When it comes to products or materials that we are going to bring into our lives, it pays to be mindful of those items and how they could potentially negatively impact us, the consumers. The same goes doubly true for when we’re considering products or materials for our children.

One word that we hear often in this regard is ‘hypoallergenic’. From materials, to chemicals, heck, all the way to the pets that we bring into our homes, this word comes into play.

So what does hypoallergenic mean, exactly, for the uninitiated?

Hypoallergenic simply means an item, product, or material that is produced in a way to minimize potential for allergic reactions, or is comprised of minimal substances that may prove to be irritants.

Different materials or substances will prove more or less irritating to consumers. In addition to the varying effects of different products, people also respond differently to these different items. So while there are the more dominant materials that will generally cause more allergic irritation, the science is not one-size fits all.

Hopefully this demystified any questions people may have in reference to hypoallergenic materials. To learn more about hypoallergenic materials or materials for children’s products in general, look no further than the pros at Dreamtown Kids!