White Fleece Baby Blanket
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White Fleece Baby Blanket


Brand: Dreamtown Kids
Rating: (5/5 out of 3 ratings)


  • Polyester, Size: 40x30
  • Imported
  • WE HAVE READ YOUR REVIEWS and see that you are tired of plush baby blankets that are poor quality, have lint coming off of them, colors that don’t match the picture, not soft enough, too thin or are the wrong size for your boy or girl toddler or baby.
  • WE HAVE SOLVED ALL OF THOSE PROBLEMS. Dreamtown Kids Plush Baby Blanket is made extra thick and with higher quality polyester to ensure that you don’t have the same problems as others. There is nothing worse than seeing your infant, baby or toddler shivering at night because their blanket is too thin. No more getting your baby out of bed and having to wipe blanket lint off of them or their bed. No more material getting snagged on their favorite stuffed animals eyeball because of poor sewing
  • EACH BLANKET GOES THROUGH A MULTI POINT INSPECTION PROCESS that ensures each blanket comes out perfectly. Also, we are able afford to pay for better materials because we chose your child’s comfort over fancy packaging. We use a simple plastic bag because we understand that fancy boxes don’t keep your kids warm in bed, at daycare or while sleeping at grandmas house. We felt that comfort and affordability are more important than looking at a box, saying “wow” then tossing it into the recycling.
  • WE ARE PARENTS OF YOUNG KIDS TOO. In fact the baby you see in the pictures is actually our daughter. We understand what you go through to make sure you kids are well taken care of and safe. Thats why we test everything ourselves and make sure they pass our test…the parents test. This blanket is our daughters new favorite and she takes it everywhere with her. It was such a hit at her daycare that we donated a bunch for the other kids. We of course embroidered her name into it:)
  • DREAMTOWN KIDS IS A SMALL AMERICAN FAMILY BUSINESS. We love our little company, our products and especially our customers. We have become known for over the top customer service. Our promise is that you will be satisfied OR YOUR MONEY BACK!! No matter how long. We don't believe in warranties. If you are unhappy at anytime let us know and we will take care of you. We're easy to reach. When you become a Dreamtown Kids customer you become part of a family. Click “add to cart” and see for yourself.

White Fleece Baby Blanket